5. Excercise methodology

The training material for this topic explains the preparation of a simulation or training exercise with the aim of raising awareness of cascading effects in the context of a crisis or an emergency situation. The objective of this methodology is to prepare, design and conduct the appropriate simulation regarding the expectations and objectives of the targeted organization.

The exercise methodology provides the potential trainer with key elements to help him/her develop the appropriate session regarding the concept of cascading effects.  An important decision that the trainer needs to make is on the type of training objective, which can be either to train or to raise awareness. If a plan taking cascading effects into account already exists, the organizations aim might be to train its application, while, if such a plan does not exist, the organization would prefer raising awareness to a new phenomenon. Deciding upon the objective of the training is a crucial step since it will influence the whole preparation of the session, from the choice of the simulation type to the building of the scenario and the conduction of the session.

To support designing a session, the reader is provided with an insight on the preparation and the implementation process of the iCrisis TM simulation approach and may refer to it.

In the text document for the training material, a number of scenarios selected within the CascEff project framework are suggested for use in exercises focusing on cascading effects. This reference library of scenarios is presented in detail in D5.1 documentation.


Presentation – Conduction of a simulation considering cascading effects