IMG_0667_beskurenThe CascEff consortium has appointed an independent External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB) comprised of end users of the results of the CascEff project to ensure that the tools developed are truly useful in a real-life situation.

Results and reports in CascEff will be continuously presented to the EEAB UKFire&RescueServicePresmembers who review and contribute with expertise. They will also be invited to workshops and meetings. This will ensure that the usefulness and quality of work performed and the end users, represented by the EEAB, have a strong voice in the General Assembly and are able to influence the decisions of the Assembly and the results of the project.

The members of the EEAB

  • Jan Tuinder National Police of the Netherlands
  • Sabrina Cohen-Hatton London Fire Brigade, Great Britain
  • Simon Pilling National Command and Control Working Group
  • Tore Eriksson International Association of Fire and Rescue Services
  • Edouard Berne ERDF (Électricité Réseau Distribution France)
  • Genserik Reniers University of Antwerp, Belgium
  • Vincenzo Puccia FEU (Federation of the European Union Fire Officer Associations)
  • Hans Christian Madsen Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB)
  • Krzysztof Biskup CNBOP-PIB (Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection), Poland
  • Esko Kaukonen Emergency Service College, Finland
  • Paola Blotta Italian National Body of Firefighters

For more information about EEAB and CascEff please contact