WP1: Incident Management

Wp1The principal aim of this work package is to develop a methodology for incident management which integrates predictions of an incidents evolution based on an improved understanding of cascading effects. The methodology will be developed on the basis of identified and elaborated scenarios, taking into account cascading effects and their effect on the evolution of scenarios.

In addition to this, the work package will address different aspects related to incident management including but not limited to:

  • identify current procedures for incident management across Europé
  • identify how the management decisions made are affected by the evolution of an incident
  • identify potential cross-border effects in relation to incident management.
  • address possible legal issues which may arise from proposed changes to incident management methodologies /practices
  • propose a means for implementation of the incident management methodology during a pre-planning / training exercise associated with planning and / or first responder training
  • consider also possible implications of the methodology for strategies, structures and tactics in relation to contingency planning in the area of responsibility of the emergency services.

WP1 will also output general considerations and recommendations for incident management arising as a result of the output of the project including the review and studies in this work package and the impact of the simulated exercises of WP5.

Work package leader: MSB